Seat Making

If you're fed up with the crappy little 5 and 6 page seat making articles found in most chopper magazines then you'll probably be pretty happy with this 74 page Adobe pdf article we prepared a few years ago. This article has been downloaded over 2000 times since we first  posted it. I don't know for sure how many builders ended up using it but I've seen a couple of dozen seats that friends have made over the last few years based upon the processes we describe in this booklet. They all looked every bit as good as any saddle made by a professional. It's great reading even if you don't really want to make a saddle since it will give you some appreciation of why seat-makers have to charge the prices they do.


As we mentioned above this booklet contains 74 pages and includes 72 very detailed full color photographs of each and every step needed to make a good Chopper Saddle. I'm certainly no upholstery expert and even my saddles come out looking pretty sharp and they don't cost $400 like some I've seen. I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making this piece of work so I sure hope that the readers find it helpful.

To download the Adobe pdf file just right click on the image above and 'save-as' to your own computers hard drive. It comes in 8.5 by 11-inch format so you can print it out on any printer.



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