Big Town Bikers Christmas Swapmeet

Duane and I went down and set up a booth at the Big Town Christmas Swap Meet in Mesquite last week and had a lot of fun. It wasn’t a big event but it drew a pretty good crowd. Here’s a snap during set-up.


Some of the vendors had some pretty big spaces and lots of stuff to sell. We actually bought more than we sold that day.

We took down five different sets of Springer Forks and they were well received by the visitors.


Not the greatest picture but we were running late and rushing around to get stuff out of the truck and hauled over to our little booth. The Knuck belongs to Kirk Sharp of ‘Just Kickers’ and the Pan in the background belongs to Duane. We’ve got an Arlen Ness styled Springer on Kirks bike and one of my original CBH forks on the Panhead.



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