The New CBH MK III Tube Bender

Most readers already know that I’ve been using a variety of tube benders for almost 50-years now. Over that time we’ve come out with several different designs that are affordable for the average builder to make at home but so far I’ve never been 100% satisfied with anything that I’ve bought or anything that I’ve built until now. I’m pretty sure that I’ve owned and used about every fab-shop type bender that’s ever been made and almost all of them have been great tools but never ‘perfect’ from my perspective as a Chopper Builder.

I knew that this new design was good but I’d didn’t really know how good until folks who saw the prototypes in action at the shop started asking me about getting a copy and the people who were asking already owned some pretty high-dollar benders.


I’ve been working on this particular design, on and off, for about 5-years now. I’ve literally built about 18 versions of this particular bender and tweaked and modified each lash-up until there was little steel left to work with. It’s certainly not the ‘Ultimate Bender’ by any stretch of the imagination but in my opinion it’s a way better product than the Pro-Tools 105 or the JD-Squared model 3.

The unique thing is that this bender can be mounted either horizontally or vertically and operated either manually or with hydraulic ram assist. For certain specialized work it can be set up with a divider plate and run two dies at the same time so bends are guaranteed to be identical in two separate components.

Like all of my benders this uses the JD2 Model 3 dies which in my opinion are the best die sets on the market.

The bender can use the digital protractors and ram brackets made by Swag Offroad or the user can adapt a digital readout from other sources.

Haven’t come up with a price yet as I’m still doing some last minute tweaking on some details but we’ll have a product available shortly after the first of the year.

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