Discussion Board Experts

Along the same vein as the ‘Pretend Choppers’ are what I call the ‘Discussion Board Experts’. Don’t get me wrong here there are some very good ‘real’ experts posting at the various boards but we’re talking about the guys who have to make a new post into each and every thread on the board. If you look at their ‘stats’ they pile up about a 900 post every year. That’s about 3 every day. Who has the time to sit in front of their computer every day and answer all of those threads?

I can guarantee you that it’s no ‘real’ expert. Those guys are to busy doing other more productive work. The snapshot below is me doing some ‘productive’ work about ten years ago trying to push my builder CD’s to the unsuspecting public.


I used to feel like a ‘dope dealer’ since I knew that once somebody ‘bent some steel’ that they’d be ‘hooked’. Chopper building is addictive. There is no way to get around that fact. I imagine that someday the Feds will try to regulate the industry and lump us into the class of stuff that the BATF regulates.

Ooooh, give me that hot steel fix in the morning.

To be honest I spend about an hour every day while I’m drinking coffee in the morning just browsing the boards looking for something that’s interesting. I’ve been a member at most boards since at least 2009. At some boards I’ve made maybe 19 posts in five years.

At the Chopper Compendium board which is closely affiliated with our site and where I’m an administrator I’ve made around 150 posts since day one and I’m supposed to the local expert there. Hell the members post a lot better stuff than I do. I learn way more from those guys than I can ever give back.

Anyway it gets my goat when some chair-jockey is giving, what can be extremely technical information, to some guy who thinks that he’s talking to somebody who knows what he’s talking about. What’s incredibly ironic is that sometimes these ‘experts’ quote stuff from my own site as if it’s something they’ve come up with on their own.

You guys had better start vetting the ‘experts’ you chat with on the boards and try to find out their credentials before you take much stock in what they’re telling you. Some of these vultures don’t even have their ‘profile’ information filled out at the board’s they stalk.

I don’t claim to know everything there is to know about Choppers but at least you’ll never have a problem finding my email address or phone number.

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