The 'REAL DEAL'  Dick Allen Memorial BIKER BUILD-OFF Rules

Mike (Fass Mikey) Vils came up with this idea and I think it's just absolutely incredible. The objective is to stage a Build-Off done in the true 'Old-School' way. By this we mean the 'real' Old-School where you didn't have catalogs to order parts from. You either scrounged the junk yards or made everything yourself. If you were desperate you broke down and bought something from the local Harley dealership. We arbitrarily established the cutoff date of 1969 since by 1970 there were dozens of companies offering 'pre-made' Chopper parts. Basically what the entrants will have to do is build a bike using only the parts and technology that was available to the 'average' guy at home working in his garage in 1969 or earlier.

These are the 'tentative' RULES for the Build-Off and are subject to change as we receive input from folks who might be prospective entrants. Please email me at if you have any input you'd like considered for the organization/or rules of this event.


The 'Real Deal' Dick Allen Memorial Biker Build-Off

Tentative Rules

The intention of the Build-Off is to promote unique individual craftsmanship in the fabrication of a motorcycle using the tools, techniques, parts and materials that were commonly available to the 'average' person in 1969.


It is anticipated that the cutoff date for entrants will be September 1, 2015 but the 'Build' officially begins November 1, 2015. Final judging of the bikes will take place in August of 2016 at an as yet undetermined location. Prior to the judging all entrants will be required to participate in a long distance cross country endurance rally from Long Beach California to Chicago, Illinois and then proceed back to the location of final judging. This 'rally' is to be held in commemoration of Dick Allen's 'Great Race' or the 'Dick Allen Dash' as it was sometimes called. These are tentative dates and may change.  

(It was originally envisioned that the event would take place in 2015 but scores of potential entrants have told us that they already have their winter bike project lined up and don't have the space, the time or the financial resources to be working on two projects at the same time).


Each entrant shall personally perform all of the work necessary to complete the motorcycle. It is not permitted to use outside services, individuals, friends, buddies, helpers or agents in any phase of the fabrications and assembly. Potential entrants are encourage to signup as soon as possible so that the staff has a chance to estimate the number of bikes that will be needing road support and backup vehicles during the race.


Each motorcycle project 'entered' in the event shall be fabricated and assembled, complete and ready to roll for a maximum of $15,000. The fair market value of any parts and/or components provided by friends or sponsors shall be included in that sum.


All frames must be made from scratch. Any material is acceptable. Any style is acceptable

Wheels and Tires:

In the interest of safety wheels and tires may be of 'modern' manufacture. Modification of Car type wheels is permitted.


Fenders are optional but if used must be either, made from scratch (any material), or re-purposed from vintage (pre 1969) salvage yard products. The use of NOS or repops of 69 and older fenders is permitted. Fenders may be modified in any way imaginable. Trailer fenders are permitted.

Front Forks:

Front forks must be fabricated from scratch and may be of any style or design. Springs and/or shock absorbers may be 'new' components.


Seats must be fabricated from scratch. Any material, style or design is acceptable.


Handlebars must be fabricated from scratch. Risers may be modern aftermarket components.


In the interest of safety brakes and brake system components may be of 'new' manufacture. Both drum and disk permitted. Front brake is optional.



Exhaust System:



Motors shall be limited to any type manufactured in the 1969 calendar year or of older vintage. The entrant must personally do all work and/or modifications made to the motor. The use of 'new' vintage reproduction motors is permitted. (motor criteria is still being looked at and 'Evo's may be accepted due to budgetary considerations so give us your feedback on this issue).


Transmissions shall be limited to any type manufactured in the 1969 calendar year or of older vintage. The entrant must personally do all work and/or modifications made to the transmission. The use of 'new' vintage reproduction transmissions is permitted.

Fuel Tank/Oil Tank:

Fuel and/or oil tanks may be fabricated from scratch but it is permitted to use any reproduction tank that was commonly available prior to Jan. 1, 1970. Any modifications are permissible.

Painting and Finish Work:

The entrant shall do all painting and finish work personally. It is permitted to send parts out for chrome plating. No powder coating or anodizing is permitted.




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